How to find the perfect design agency for your business

How to find the perfect design agency for your business people on table office

Today, design agencies are in high demand and finding the right one can be tough. When it comes to your company’s visual aspect, you want everything to look eye-catching, engaging and—of course—professional. And while picking the right agency might seem easy at first glance, there are multiple factors to take into consideration when making your decision.

It all depends on what type of service you’re looking for—and what type of design agency you need. Here’s what to expect from each type of design agency and how to find the right one for your business!

A design agency will offer you a variety of different design services. From office essentials to a full advertising campaign, these agencies can handle your most of your business visual needs. Details of each service will be explained later on this article.

If you are not sure what design services your business needs, do not worry! Agencies can help you with most of them. They are your best friend, and sometimes your mentor. You may want a website for your business but not sure how or where to start! Design agencies will help you choose the best platform to host your website on, create an astonishing web design, and help you set up the admin system so you can easily use it after. And most importantly optimize your website for search engine (SEO) so your new website can shine from day 1 of publishing.

Whether you run an e-commerce business, or you simply want to make the most of your brick-and-mortar store, the design team at Lia Vin Creative Design Agency can help you bring your brand to life in every aspect of your marketing and sales efforts. By combining our extensive knowledge of design trends and marketing research with your unique brand values, we’ll create highly targeted visual solutions that will help you stand out from the competition and succeed online and off.

You may ask yourself what do I get from hiring a creative design agency?

A creative services company’s main goal is to help build brands through various marketing strategies such as advertising, marketing planning, sales promotion, public relations, and direct mail.

If you are looking for one that could be trusted and proven with years of experience in their field, you should hire a reliable creative agency. It is important to understand your budget as well as what type of services would fit perfectly within it. Creative Design Agency will help you to create a long-lasting brand image which could even save you time, money and resources.

Some of the benefits of hiring a creative design agency is:
Getting top quality and professional designs.
‣ Studying your business personas and market, providing you with on-trend materials.
‣ Communicate your idea and vision to your customers.
‣ Create engaging social media content and increase interaction rate.
‣ Cost-efficient to what you would get from template-ready websites.
‣ Completed Projects doesn’t mean it’s the end, agencies execute revisions until you get what you want!

The goal is to drive engagement, build relationships, and deliver a higher ROI for your business through innovative marketing. Of course, there is much more! Each agency is different in what they offer. Some are specialized in one field of design and other are full-service provider.

For example, Lia Vin Creative Design Agency offer a suite of services to meet most business needs.

Types of Services Offered

logo design brand design

Logo Design

Custom logo design that speaks the business's voice and vibes, making a resonating impression on audience. 

graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the creation of visual content to communicate messages to the public. From poster design to invitation card design, it is an umbrella that holds a vast designs concept.

logo design brand design

Brand Design

A way to visually represent a brand identity and its emotion to the public. It’s a collection of elements like logo, color palette, font, vibe, and feel of the brand.

packaging design

Package Design

Packaging design is customizable design for the exterior product package. It’s a selling point for every product on the market.


Fillable PDF

Custom made PDF with empty field to fill, ready to sign, and lock document from further edits or plagiarism.

infographic design

Infographic Design

Infographic designed takes a data and organize it in visual design, presentable, and make it simple to read.

office brand design essentials

Brand Essentials

Everything a new brand needs for its business. e.g., business cards, letterheads, envelopes, printable merch, and much more made to represent and reflect the brand’s aesthetics.

documents designs templates

Document Template

Word document doc. PowerPoint ppt, or Excel xlsx. template designed for each brand’s unique style.

presentation design

Presentation Design

Presentation design is a creative way to represent an idea, story, words, and images in a set of slides to persuade an audience visually, it can be presented in different format including PowerPoint or PDF.


Digital illustration

Custom illustration made in digital format and have a vast styles choice such as: comics, manga, or a realistic style. The options of digital illustrations are uncountable!

newsletter email design

Newsletter Design

Custom newsletter design to keep you audience engaged with your brand, announce new product, discounts, or an ongoing sale!

marketing campaign

Email Marketing

Custom email design with content aimed to market a product or services, drive engagement, build relationships, and of course increases the business's ROI.

email lead generation

Email Lead Generation

Custom email designed to leverage leads, generate conversion, and convert audience to customers. A visually appealing step in the funnel to turn your audience into customers.

UI UX design

UI/UX Design

From research and creating wireframes, to having prototype live for websites and/or iOS, Android applications.

graphic designs

Website Design

Create a custom website design from scratch, add animations, and help you choose the best platform to host your website on.

e-commerce website shopping

e-Commerce Website

Creating website to display your products on, manage inventory, set up a checkout system, and cover the basis before launch date.

social media content campaign

Social Media Campaign

Creating a solid strategy with a bold visual content, and engaging copy for multiple social media channels.


Website Analysis

From track traffic, lead, event, and conversion rates. A full-service analysis set-up for businesses and staff training after.

SEO search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Set your website for success! by implement the best SEO strategies in the up-trending market. Full-service SEO done to existing or new project.

google analysis

Google Analysis

Set up of Google Analysis, creating custom events, leads, and conversions checks to meet your business needs.

high search traffic ranking

High Search Ranking

Rank higher in search engines without Ads! By implementing organic generating strategy and apply best practice for your business.

Tips Before Choosing an Agency

Hiring a design agency comes with numerous benefits including mentoring your brand, guiding you to make the best possible decision, to creating professional design that shoutout your brand voice.  Taking the first step into the world of business can be difficult. Here are some tips before choosing an agency:

• Ask about their experience with clients similar to yours and if there are any common pitfalls during the creative process.

• It can be helpful to sit down with an account manager during your first meeting and go over any fears or questions you may have before signing on.

• Remember, your relationship with them will be ongoing! If possible, it’s best to narrow down a short list and speak directly with each company.

• After all, what works well for another client may not translate as well into your own situation.

•  While interviewing potential agencies, it’s important to feel confident in their abilities and comfortable asking questions—remember they aren’t psychic!

• You should feel at ease pushing back when they present something that doesn’t quite fit with your vision of your brand or campaign.

The marketing + design world is vast but surly you will find what you are looking for!  

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