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Our team helped Coffee Planet deliver their vision by studying the coffee market and refining the brand’s niche, we developed the logo that would suit the message they wish to express. we helped the company in targeting their ideal audience. Along with branding options to choose from as packaging, official document set. all to fit the aesthetics brand that matches their unique style.


Coffee Planet Co. had variety of concerns when it comes to their packaging: 

Coffee Planet Co. are concerned with the environmental impact of their packaging and seek out our agency to create packaging options that are more sustainable, such as biodegradable or recycled materials.

We are committed to create a sustainable and cost efficient coffee packaging that can significantly reduce the cost for Coffee Planet Co.

Coffee Planet Co. wants their packaging to reflect their brand aesthetics and make a good impression on customers.

Coffee Planet Co. packaging need to be designed as convenient for customers as possible to use and dispose of, and not create unnecessary waste. 

It is important to us to carefully think and consider these factors in order to create a packaging that meets the needs and matches their unique style.

What did Coffee Planet Co. achieve from working with us?

Increased sustainability:
By choosing our packaging, Coffee Planet Co. was able to reduce its environmental impact and appeal to customers who are concerned about our planet.

Reduced costs:
By choosing our all-in-one cost-effective plan options, Coffee Planet Co. were able to reduce their expenses and improve its profitability.

Enhanced branding:
Our graphic rebranding helped Coffee Planet Co. to make a stronger impression on its customers and differentiate itself from its competitors.

Improved functionality:
By choosing Lia Vin Creative Design Agency, the package created was appropriate for the products and met the needs of customers, which improved the overall customer experience.

Increased convenience:
The new packaging was convenient for customers to use and dispose of, Coffee Planet Co. improved the overall customer experience and reduced waste.

Overall, as we addressed Coffee Planet Co. packaging concerns we help them to operate more efficiently, improve the customer experience, and enhance their brand reputation.

Brand design, brand packaging, coffee cup design, logo designed creation of logo for coffee planet company brand coffee bean

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