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DecisionLogic is a service that provides lenders the ability to verify a borrower’s identity, account number and balance in real-time. It also provides access to up to 365 days of a borrower’s account transaction history. This automated, real-time process empowers lenders to makefast and accurate decisions critical to the success of their business.

Social media marketing

As any early bird in social interactions. DecisionLogic was able to understand the importance of creating a close relationship with their customers. Their sales and customer success process were already established and created astonishing relationships with their customers. What’s left is to keep their customers engaged and updated with their news and offers.

DecisionLogic example of social media design post
DecisionLogic example of social media design post
DecisionLogic example of social media design post
DecisionLogic example of social media design post

The Challenge

DecisionLogic had a one-time designer that set the brand visuals years ago. As DecisionLogic develops and grows, they need to grow their visual representation and create a strong relationship with their customers. Through email marketing, lead generation, and other social media platforms this goal can be reached. But where to start from?

DecisionLogic example of email marketing lead generation
DecisionLogic example of email marketing lead generation

The Solution

After testing many solutions, DecisionLogic selected Lia Vin Creative Design Agency as its visual appearance representor. The key factor behind the decision was the ability to have Lia Vin Agency as the design agent of all their media representation. With Lia Vin Agency they would streamline their email marketing, lead generation, and social media posts processes into a single place. While being able to track engagement and touchpoints across multiple channels.

The Results

DecisionLogic has seen massive success working with Lia Vin Creative Design Agency. They’re now having multiple email designs ready to send a month ahead. And saw an increase in open rate by 42%.

After iterating on and testing different designs, the team has found that they’ve experienced the best results when focusing on creating simple, related designs to their customers to reach across multiple channels, with a personalized message. More recently, DecisionLogic’s team provided customized copy content, which has further increased the number of conversion rate email to sales.

DecisionLogic graph stat of customer engagement channels

Lia Vin Agency successfully simplified DecisionLogic’s website design, and links to great analytics tools. Not only were they able to better track their customer preferences, but they were able to seamlessly add this preference to specialized and/or sequenced designs to engage both via email and LinkedIn.

With some of these traditionally manual tasks taken care of, DecisionLogic team was able to focus on more higher value tasks. This led to a paradigm shift, the process had to change from being a race to add as many emails to campaigns as possible to one where the team needed to be relevant when reaching out to each of them. 

Email marketing has changed DecisionLogic’s visibility! And DecisionLogic’s customers became engaged with the brand and more interested in seeing what’s new with the brand. 

DecisionLogic stat of email marketing

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DecisionLogic example of social media design post

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