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With a solid foundation and determination, we reach our goals. MOVE is an innovative fitness app that tracks workout routines, progress, and goals. As a well-established brand, MOVE promises to enhance and optimize the way you do a workout routine! Featuring a running distance tracker, HIIT workouts, heart rate monitoring, timer, and weight watching to keep you in best shape!


MOVE came to Lia Vin Creative Design agency for a full product and branding experience. The Startup brand was in need of a user-friendly app prototype -smartwatch- with a dynamic branding to reflect an identity and life of athletes. We’ve created for MOVE in their startup stage; naming, prototype, user-experience, branding and graphics (logo, icons, color palette, typograph, … and more) Media assets (Video and images).

Color Palette

MOVE fitness app design for smartwatch UI/UX design color palette
MOVE fitness app design for smartwatch UI/UX design type logo apple watch 30 day challengeMOVE fitness app design for smartwatch UI/UX design type logo apple watch prototyping

To help MOVE achieve their seed-round goals of creating a Well-Rounded Fitness App, Lia Vin Creative Design Agency started by: 

1. Offer a variety of design concepts: The goal of the app is to provide users with a diverse selection of workouts that cater to different fitness levels and goals. By offering a variety of design concepts, the founders were more likely to find the style they are looking for. 

2. High user engagement and interaction: To keep the user engaged with the app, we created a progress roadmap. The app provides users with tools to track their workouts. By tracking their progress, users can see how they are improving and stay motivated to continue working out. 

3. Engaging strategy: By creating an engaging user strategy for MOVE, the app will provide users with guidance and support to help them stay on track with MOVE challenges. This could include personalized workout plans, nutrition recommendations, and the ability to connect with trainers or other users for support and encouragement. 

4. Marketing campaign: To encourage users to complete the challenge and achieve their goals, the app could offer rewards or incentives. This could include prizes, discounts, or special features that are only available to users who complete MOVE challenges. 

5. Foster a sense of community: As a marketing strategy for MOVE, the app will be creating a sense of community among its users by offering features such as forums and social media groups. This way users can connect with others who are also participating in MOVE challenges and find support and motivation to succeed.

MOVE fitness app design for smartwatch UI/UX design type logo apple watch prototypingMOVE-numbers-UI-designMOVE-logo-smartwatch-graphic-designMOVE-logo-man-wear-hoodieMOVE-logo-t-shirt-wear-merch

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