extortionary voyage, unique experience, unique taste design

ROY’S is a luxurious sailing service to help those aspiring to find their comfort sweet spot. There's nothing quite like drinking Champaign to the feel of wind cruising the bluewaters. Sailing ROY's comes with numerous advantages such as boat rental, boat equipment, captains, crew members, catering, and cleaning services. With Roy's enjoy the freedom and flexibility to set sail whenever and however desired. Delivering the most elegant, modern and an extortionary voyage.

ROY'S infographic brochure design brand
creative design agency graphic designextortionary voyage, unique experience, unique taste graphic design

Lia Vin Agency transformed ROY's idea into visual elements, reflecting an extortionary voyage in branding identity, logo, color palette, and typeface.

deck boats on sea sidewomen on a luxurious boat

Color Palette

ROY'S branding strategy and packaging logo color palette


ROY'S branding strategy and packaging logo typeface
ROY'S branding strategy and packaging logo book viewROY'S brand for sailing boat logo on store sign view

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