How To Choose The Right Font For Your Brand?

Date Published 04/29/2022
Lia Vin
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Typography can be more than just picking the right font and color combination for your brand; it can set the tone and personality of your brand, too. 

Think about the type of personality you want your brand to have, then think about what type of fonts you should use in order to best represent that personality.

 If you’re looking for some help on deciding what font to use, look no further! This article will walk you through everything you need to know to pick the right typeface and make sure it fits with your brand’s image and voice.

When it comes to branding, typography is the key element in minimal design. 

It plays an essential role in making the right first impression on potential customers. 

With so many fonts available today, choosing the right font can sometimes be a daunting task, but there are some strategies you can use to select the perfect font that resonates with your target audience.


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Choosing Fonts That Represent Your Brand's Personality

Just as you would set up a room with furniture, artwork and colors that reflect your personal style and taste. Fonts have personalities and moods, just like people. 

When setting up your digital space or designing print materials, choosing a typeface can be just as important as choosing your room furniture. 

Each font has a personality, which means you want to choose one that represents who you are and how you want people to perceive your business.  Learn more about creating a recognizable brand in 3 steps!

Choosing a font based on popularity alone is like wearing sweatpants every day because they're comfortable: Sure, they'll get the job done, but why not look good while doing it?

So How Do You Pick the Right Typography Style to Appeal to Your Audience?

When you’re choosing a new font, you need to decide what kind of personality your company or product will have.

 Think what would represent your brand's voice? Emotion? 

Will it be loud and obnoxious? 

Funny and playful? 

Serious and confident? 

A combination of all three?

What’s the personality of the font would say about your brand? 

Is it modern? Elegant? Laud? Impacting? 

Identifying your voice can help you find typography that works well with it. 

Once you’ve figured out how your business will sound, make sure to think about how that relates to its visuals, including its typography style.

And if you still have doubts consult with a designer or an agency, most likely they'll be happy to help you with their knowledge.

Secret tip: some agencies offer a free consultation!

Font Styles – What Are They and Which One Is Best for Your Brand?

Fonts can fall into three main categories: serif, sans-serif and script. 

Read on to discover what each style has to offer, and which ones might be best suited to your business.


Serif’s fonts are those that have small lines attached at each end of a letter, with some styles having short lines across them.


San Serif fonts are the modern fonts, their letter comes without the small lines that are attached. San in French means without, San serif = without serif

Script fonts are a decorative font that comes in many styles. Examples below:

Image Source

There are more styles to fonts we will talk about in a later article, along with pairing fonts to create magnificent brand identity. Learn about brand voice here!

Readability – Is It a Major Problem?

Typography needs room to breathe. The audience will feel more settled when there is more negative space for the typography to breathe. 

This makes the message more obvious, and the information more accessible.

Choosing readability over design is a decision that’s sure to send design purists into an apoplectic frenzy, but there comes a time when you must pick one over another. 

At each and every turn in your brand creation process—from logo creation to website layout and typography decisions—you need to consider: Readability, or how easy it is for viewers to understand your message.

 To some degree, bad readability can damage your brand's legibility and professionalism . . . especially if your goal is a minimalist look or feel. 

Note that bad readability on mobile view can down rank your website page on search engines like Google. So be careful choosing the right font and checking the size.

Image Source

Font Size – How Big Should You Go with Your Typeface?

Even though you don’t want to overwhelm your reader with a ton of text, you also don’t want to make them squint just to read. 

The sweet spot is a 14-16pt font size. Anything smaller and people may have trouble reading. 

A larger size can take away from your design aesthetics (depending on your brand's voice)

Try different sizes where there are no white spaces in between paragraphs and see what feels right for you. 

Image Source

Here is a great resource to test fonts and font size scaled up and down

Test Font Size

And Here Are Best Typography Resources and Online Tools


Check out different font sizes


Get inspired with creative typography


Know fonts used in famous brands


And of course we can't let you leave without a free download font website


What's your next project is about?

Get Free Quote


When it comes to your brand, remember that typography is the key element in minimal design. Your choice of font plays an essential role in creating the first impression your potential customers will feel.

Ask a friendly agency to review your brand's personality choices.

The personality choices you make can have an impact on how people feel about your brand. A lot goes into branding, one element that we cannot overlook is —the letters and characters used to spell out your awesome company’s name!


If you still have doubts consult with a designer or an agency, most likely they'll be happy to help you and share their knowledge.

Secret tip: some agencies offer free consultation!


You can get a FREE consultation here!

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