The end of graphic design

Published 9/15/2022
Lia Vin
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The world of graphic design has evolved immensely over the past few years thanks to the rise of AI and online marketing tools. 

It seems as though artificial intelligence (AI) has already taken over our jobs, whether we know it or not, but where does that leave us in the future? 

You’ll be surprised to learn how AI, graphic design and marketing all play together to create an amazing final product—one that may never die! 

In fact, the combination of these three things may be just what the industry needs to expand further than ever before. Here’s how it works.


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Graphic Designers Are More Crucial Than Ever

In our fast-paced, digitally driven society, creative professionals are in demand like never before. 

Rather than relying on computers to create graphics and visual content, businesses today look to designers for professional work that is unique and eye-catching. 

With thousands of startups spring up each year, creatives are needed more than ever by companies with little budget but big dreams. 

There is no doubt that graphic design will live on for many years to come—but where do we fit into all of it?


Take comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, people will always need designers. 

Sure, computers have made it easier for small businesses to produce design elements on their own and pay less for them, but most businesses still rely on creative professionals for long-term success.

 In fact, a 2015 study by Adobe predicted that graphic design will be one of five hot jobs through 2020. 

And by 2030, it is expected that 87% of all internet traffic will be video-based! 

This means that more video content means more designers are needed to help create videos. 

The future looks bright for visual content creators!

 Design Isn’t Dead, It’s Changing

Things are changing, but as long as humans are at the center of marketing and design, we’ll never see it die. 

Designers and marketers need to adapt to a more human-centered approach to work effectively in today’s market. 

Our goal should be to treat people like people and create seamless experiences that feel natural, with a human touch. That will ensure graphic design lives on for many years to come.

Consumers today have higher expectations for marketing and design than ever before.  Learn more about The Impact of Graphic Designs on Marketing

They want things to be easy to use, with a sense of personalization. 

It’s our job as designers and marketers to deliver on that promise, but how? 

While more sophisticated AI is being developed every day, we shouldn’t think that it can replace human creativity. Instead, we should harness creative technology to enhance our abilities. 

For example, software like Adobe Creative Cloud empowers designers with an endless selection of elements and allows us to experiment with images in new ways. 

While AI image generators can help us see a vision from a different perspective. 


AI Can Help Businesses, But Does It Replace Them

Artificial intelligence will continue to change how we interact with brands. 

But that doesn’t mean AI is a threat to all jobs, including marketing and design. 

It simply means your job will change and evolve as we become more reliant on smart products.

Don’t fear AI, embrace it, because in reality, artificial intelligence can make your business more efficient and effective than ever before.

Why AI Won’t Replace Graphic Designers And Marketers

With advances in artificial intelligence becoming more and more commonplace, it’s hard not to imagine a future where AI runs creative marketing campaigns and creates graphics designs on its own. 

But even with AI poised to take over nearly every industry, there are some things that can never be replaced—and one such thing is human creativity. 

When you see an ad or piece of branded collateral that feels authentic and trustworthy, chances are it was created by a human being (not a machine). 

Sure, an AI may be able to generate ideas for new ads or promotional pieces all day long, but it will never be able to understand what makes them work as well as humans do.

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In conclusion, we may think that advancement in AI means taking over our jobs, and seeing a future where AI runs creative marketing campaigns and creates graphics designs on its own.  

But the truth is that AI helps us develop and open our eyes to new possibilities that can make us Humans create new forms of art and marketing charm.

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