The Impact of Graphic Designs on Marketing in (2022)

Date Published 7/14/2022
Lia Vin
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To connect the audience to your brand, you need to create an experience that captures their attention, draws them in, and makes them feel something

If your design doesn’t connect with them on an emotional level, it won’t matter how good your product or service is – they won’t buy it from you or recommend it to others. 

In fact, studies show that 75% of purchasing decisions are based on emotion, not logic or reason. 

The impact of graphic designs on marketing cannot be overstated – but only if your designs are done right. 

This article will teach you about the importance of graphic designs in marketing and how to use them effectively.


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The Importance of Design Culture

In our world today, culture is shaped by many things. With the advent of digital and computer graphics, we have seen an explosion in the visual appeal of various forms of media, including films, television shows, video games, books, magazines, newspapers and even advertisements all have a great impact on how people feel, 

what they think and how they live their lives. Advertising is another form of media that has a strong impact on our culture. 

Today’s advertisements are constantly pushing viewers to buy more products. 

The attention span of viewers is getting shorter and shorter; they will only spend a few seconds looking at an advertisement before tuning out.

So what is the role of graphic design in it?

The Role of Graphic Design

Most people are aware that graphic design plays a big role in marketing. 

But what is that role, exactly? 

Well, design can do almost anything: Change attitudes, attract and engage customers, shift perceptions and more. 

But it takes a skilled team to bring together all of these elements into one cohesive design. 

To get there—and maintain consistency across messages—you need top-notch visual or creative designers as well as marketers who understand how to best use those messages. 

You’ll also want an eye for trends that can influence your designs for better or worse. 

This means keeping up with industry news and statistics about which designs have already been successful in doing, in order to keep your strategies fresh. Learn How to create a recognizable brand in 3 steps!

An easy way to keep you focused on doing what you do best at your company is to hire a design agency to take care of all your design needs and keep your business up to date with the market trends.

Design And Attention

The key to effective design is a concept called attention-grabbing. 

What good is an advertisement if no one takes notice? And what good is a fancy ad if it doesn't sell your product? 

In order to understand how design can grab attention, you need to know what grabs attention and what doesn't. 

There are three main factors that affect attention: 

visual weight, 


and space. 

These elements can be combined in various ways that are attractive and appealing.

One thing's for sure – don't include too much information in your design, keep it simple and remember that people have short attention spans. 

If you want to get noticed, make sure your message gets across fast.

Attention Spans in Digital Age

In a world that relies heavily on technology, marketers have to cater their products and services to our ever-shortening attention spans. 

And with more devices than ever before competing for our attention, it’s no surprise that consumers are becoming increasingly difficult to please. 

Brands must make sure they get their point across quickly or they risk being lost in a sea of competitors. 

But creating compelling graphics isn’t enough. Marketers also need a clear understanding of what’s important and who to present it to in order to maximize results for their brand. 

With today’s consumers being bombarded with emails, ads, and social media content, visuals play an even bigger role in conveying your message—and getting people to take action.

So is this The end of graphic design?

How To Catch Their Attention Fast?

The biggest problem for graphic designers is that there’s too much information. 

You have to learn how to catch your audience’s attention and keep it—fast. 

To succeed in a world where everyone has ADHD for Ads, you need to cut out unnecessary info and find ways to pique people’s interest immediately. 

So, ask yourself: how to make the design simpler? 

How to make it stick out more? 

And if all else fails, how to create an infographic (even if it's just a very simple one)? 

Because readers tend to skim when they're searching for something quickly, infographics are great tools for grabbing someone's attention fast—and keeping it.

How Big Brands Use Design to Catch Our Eyes?

Big brands have long used design to catch our eyes, but now they also understand that great design catches our attention—and keeps it. 

When we see something that grabs us, that compels us to look further, we’re actually creating a connection with it. 

As such, big brands have made designs a top priority when creating ads and landing pages. 

Their goal? Make sure their customers take in everything they need to know about their product or service, whether in print or online.

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To connect your audience to your brand and create an experience that captures their attention through graphic designs. 

You need to know how audiences skim content presented to them everyday on multiple devices. 

Then start by hiring a design agency for professional work or create eye-catching content designs yourself like infographics, and with good marking tools & set goals you will surely grab your audience's attention and get them to take in everything they need to know about your product or service.

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