Senior living facility with great indoor amenities and outdoor activities - Ad

A place to rest your body, mind, and soul in a comforting environment with friendly staff members. This living facility have an outstanding indoor lifestyle and outdoor activities. The friendly staff are always there to help you take a walk in the park or hang out in the game room.


Interview video with Artist Summer Jun Chen

A short interview film about the artist Summer, She is a photographer, painter and illustrations. By living the freelance life she was able to capture opportunities and travel to different places.


Ad Video for Hiking in San Diego App Guide

Discover the great mountains of San Diego with the Hiking in San Diego mobile app. All-in-one information gathered for hikers in an easy-to-use app with a multitude of listings. The app guides hikers through choosing a hike level that suits their adventurous soul, pointing out the level of difficulties of each trail, accessibilities, and lots more essential information for a spectacular adventure.


Ad Video for Sailing ROY'S luxurious boats

ROY’S is a luxurious sailing service to help those aspiring to find their comfort sweet spot. There's nothing quite like drinking Champaign to the feel of wind cruising the bluewaters. Sailing ROY's comes with numerous advantages such as boat rental, boat equipment, captains, crew members, catering, and cleaning services. With Roy's enjoy the freedom and flexibility to set sail whenever and however desired. Delivering the most elegant, modern and an extortionary voyage.


Coffee Planet Brand Design - Coffee Shop Ad

Have you ever had a morning coffee that ascended you to another planet? from all around the world Coffee Planet Co. imports hand-selected coffee beans, mixing incredible blends from light to medium, dark to a super dark roast. Coffee Planet associates with family-owned farms helping communities to grow and be self-sustained, focusing on quality, authenticity, and fair trade. As a mission they aim to provide coffee lovers with the most delicious tasting cup of coffee.


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