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Feel the music, live the music with ViV karaoke app. An interactive music app for users to sing along with the lyrics of their favorite songs. The app displays lyrics in English and Romaji, and hosts a vast library of top hits in global music world.  Experience music in bold, colorful, and ViVid life!

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ViV as a startup faced a variety of challenges as they worked to get their business off the ground. Some challenges they encounter include:

Building a team:
It can be difficult to find and hire the right people to build a strong design team. Startups can attract top talent by offering competitive salaries, benefits, and work environments, as well as by clearly communicating their mission and vision.

Developing a product or service:
Startups can seek out feedback from potential customers and industry experts to refine and improve their product or service.

Developing a product:
Startups often face challenges as they work to develop and refine their product.

Getting the word out about a new business and finding customers can be a challenge for startups. (content design) Startups can use a variety of marketing and sales strategies, such as social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, to reach potential customers.

graphic design for music app lively colorful and vivid experience

Lia Vin Agency created UI designs, highly focusing on simplicity, responsiveness, and easy-to-navigate layout. We also created the name for ViV. The meaning behind the naming is to migrate young audiences from the dark dominants music apps to a lively, colorful, vivid experience. Lastly, we reflected the vivid vibe of the app in their brand identity.

ViV smartphone for music streaming app designViV smartphone for music streaming app design prototyping and frame design and wireframe, animation and interactions

ViV as a startup music app was able to stand-out and offer a unique and successful value proposition to its users.

As ViV is still on Beta-testing they team was already able to achieve:

1. A high number of downloads, which indicate that the app is popular and in demand.

2. The more people who are using ViV, the more opportunities there are for the app to generate revenue through advertising and subscription fees.

3. High level of engagement proven by beta users, this can indicate that users are finding the app useful and enjoyable.

4. The quality and variety of the lyrics available on ViV app impact its success. Users are more likely to use ViV once it offers more songs and genres as it expands.

5. The user experience of ViV music app is an important factor in its success. Users are more likely to continue using the app because of its user-friendly features, its intuitive interface, and the seamless and enjoyable experience.

ViV smartphone for music streaming app design prototyping and frame design and wireframe, animation and interactionsViV smartphone for music streaming app design prototyping and frame design and wireframe, animation and interactionsViV music app Isometric design Samsung Galaxy Note-10ViV music app phone player audio headphone

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